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Harley Street, Central London

(See below for Client Testimonials from previous Workshops)

Hale Clinic, 4 Harley Street, London W1G 1PB
Call me on 07960 364555

Learn how to reduce your stress levels in just one day!

Most of us suffer from stress nowadays. Your stress could be triggered by work, relationships, health, money or any number of other things!

In this Stress Management Workshop I will be combining my counselling skills together with Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) to help you to identify and overcome the stress in your life. You will discover what your triggers are and by the end of the Workshop you will know how to dramatically reduce your stress levels whenever they are triggered.

In future you will have the power to control your reaction to stressful situations and avoid the harmful effects of chronic stress.

To BOOK your place at the next Stress Management Workshop call me on 07960 364555

Some Client Testimonials from previous Stress Management Workshops:

"I am pleased to tell you that I now use EFT on a daily basis.The workshop gave me an insight of how to focus in on a problem and how well EFT works. Your workshop was so informative and professional and is certainly well worth the experience."

"...thank you for a fabulous time today...it's certainly going to make a change as to how I handle my stress....."

"Loved this workshop. Whether you already use EFT or it's completely new to you, this was a great day to learn and use EFT helping reduce stress in our everyday lives, which most of us suffer with! I often wake up with that 'don't want to go to work' feeling, and now that I start my day tapping on those emotions, I feel the benefits instantly. "

"Thank you. I loved your workshop and enjoyed working with you."

"I felt relaxed after the session, it was like I had spent time out, almost like a short
holiday. "

"I enjoyed taking part in the class and it has made me more determined to study something."

"I have been doing mental tapping, it has helped me to relax,"

"It was really good attending your Stress Management seminar where we were explained the reasons for stress and how it influences psychologically and physiologically and how we can reduce it."

"Though initially being sceptical about the EFT method, I drew enormous benefits as when I felt claustrophobic when undergoing the MRI, the EFT method coached by yourself did actually make me calm and I was able to go through it. I can certainly vouch that EFT does help to make a difference to my well being."

"Many thanks for introducing me to EFT."

"I enjoyed the workshop thoroughly and already have managed to exactly specify what is it about my boss that makes me feel uncomfortable while in the workshop. I will be practising the routine daily and should feel the difference. "

"Thank you for the workshop, it was a fun day."

"I was expecting to learn about this new technique and expand my intellect, but instead it was a inward journey. It made me aware of my emotions/feelings/thoughts behind my actions and then looking to understand those emotions/feelings/thoughts gave a different dimension to my actions. Sandra gave a very warm, cheerful and supportive environment during the workshop which gave me the feeling of connectedness to everyone in the workshop (people you don't know) and that is a very rare and beautiful experience. This workshop has introduced me to mindful and conscious living."

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